07 Jun 2020
Web Hosting

If you’re looking to build a successful website, choosing a high performing web host is an integral step that you should consider. Investing in web hosting is your best option for the success of your business. Think about your host and build a website to achieve the goals in a short time. Website hosting companies like ours,WebHead can help you make your website accessible to everyone on the internet.  Let’s explore and discover different types of web hosting services and why WebHead’s premium web hosting platforms are the best options for you.

Different types of web hosting

If you want to grow your business online, then it is the right time to choose web hosting services for your website. Let’s take a brief look  at the different types of web hosting services to help you  choose the one which suits your business needs!

  • Shared hosting:

Shared hosting is one of the essential web hosting services for entry-level sites. Most importantly, website information will be stored within the same server as multiple choices of other websites. With the help of the shared hosting services, all domains make use of the same server resources such as RAM and CPU. Since the resources are shared with other websites, the service cost is relatively low and paves an excellent choice for the beginners. Regardless of your business size and types, you can utilize shared hosting services and make your website accessed on the web.

  • Virtual private server hosting:

A VPS hosting service is an excellent option for the medium sized businesses who need more control. It is a unique choice and can be hosted within its own space and so website owners get customized storage space. Due to its setup, the site’s performance can’t be affected by any other sites on the server. If you want dedicated hosting, then it is the right time to use VPS hosting. It is an excellent option for advanced users who wants to access specific software installations.

  • Dedicated server hosting:

Dedicated hosting development offers an opportunity to control the site over the server where the data is stored. This shows, you are the admin, and you will get a chance to manage everything right from security to the operating system. Dedicated server hosting is an expensive web hosting service that website owners use to drive high website traffic. At the same time, you need a high level of knowledge to install and manage the server.

  • Cloud hosting:

Cloud hosting is the latest craze and creates a buzz among website users. This hosting service enables all your resources and information to be readily available in the cloud for easy access and less downtime. Cloud-based hosting is popular and helps you grow your business over time.

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